Weeping Eczema

Eczema is a disease of the skin usually characterized by inflammation and irritation. Irritation and itching is the most common type of symptom that is observed in all type of eczemas. There are many different type of eczemas depending on the condition and underlying causes of the disease. Your treatment will changer for different eczema types.

Eczema can be in different phases. It acts in a variety of ways on skin and shows symptoms accordingly. It has mild, moderate and severe form. The skin becomes red, dry, warm or itchy in milder cases. You can treat it with cream and lotions. These will irritate you less. The infected person feels uncomfortable.

Weeping eczema shows gradual changes in skin conditions. Your skin can become inflamed and even bleed. It also gradually becomes quite raw and crusty. Your skin will look and feel rough at this stage. If liquid or blood is oozing out from the patches then this is known as wet eczema. It is also called as weeping eczema. People suffering from this type of eczema feel uncomfortable and embarrassed. Sometimes fluid will weep out of the spots. So it is called as weeping eczema.

This fluid is not good as it quickly spreads to other parts of the body. Then you may feel irritation on other parts of the body. You should be careful about the hygiene. Otherwise, it will take a worse form. Keep handkerchief within reach. It will help you.

Onehundred percent cotton clothes are very much comfortable to the person suffering from weeping eczema. Avoid the touch of irritants like cleaning chemicals, detergents and soaps. The condition may become worse because of such contact.

Moist compresses are used to treat the affected area until the acute inflammation and weeping stages have considerable subsided. Use ointments and gels after that. In the weeping stage, use loose, humid dressings that allow plenty of evaporation. It is helpful to get relaxation in the weeping eczema. Clothes matter a lot in determining whether you are prone to weeping eczema or not.

A linen cloth or gauze compresses are recommendable. Wear such clothes. You can also make use of an absorbent face flannel for this. All compresses need to be changed as soon as they begin to become warm or dry. It will come in a better form. It shows its recovery. It will hardly take 10-15 minutes. You need to apply three times daily for 1-2 hours each time.

You can use Oak Bark to make effective compress for treating eczema. Use only 1-2 tablespoons of oak bark that has been chopped. You should then boil it in half liter of water for nearly 15 minutes. Strain liquid and allow mixture to cool. Use mixture undiluted. Apply fresh decoction daily so that you will get relaxation.

A decoction of MALLOW may be made similar to oak bark. It is useful for weeping eczema. Reduce the application time of mallow, as it will quickly be possible to change to other deep-acting applications.

You need to provide your body vitamin A. This vitamin is need for smooth skin. It helps to make your skin smooth. Vitamin B is also necessary for healthy skin, circulation and cell reproduction.