Nummular Eczema

Nummular Eczema is medically known as nummular eczematous dermatitis. As the name describes, this is a skin disorder forms round coin-sized patches on the skin. In many cases, it can also be an allergy of some medicine. This disorder is common in the people who have dry skin and is a frequent sight in winter season. Soaps, woolen garments, taking bath more than once a day can elevate the condition. Using detergents, soaps, rough textured clothes in this condition, easily irritate the skin. Mild liquid hand wash soaps, fabric softeners can also worsen the disease.

Extreme climatic conditions may aggravate the eczema. Medical allergies may worsen the diseases but they cannot be the cause for eczema. There is no known cure against eczema, but there are effective ways of controlling it. High-powered prescribed ointments can be applied over the affected area. Nevertheless, if the disorder continues, then dermatology tests are recommended. However, these ointments should not be used in armpits, rectal area, groin and face. It is recommended to rub these ointments into the skin with a light massage. The application of the ointment depends on the severity of the disorder but in most of the cases applying the ointment once a day on the affected area is considered to be sufficient.

Eczema can be of various types and the severity of the disorder may vary from person to person. Ointments with a percentage of coal tar are effective for the people suffering from scaly nummular eczema, but this ointment can leave stains and smells on the clothes. Taking oral medicines and antibiotics may also be needed in some cases. However, severe cases can be cured by taking prescribed internal doses of medicines and injections. Itching is often followed along with the rashes of the disorder. Ultraviolet ray's treatments, which are given in the dermatology clinics, is an effective way to control the constant itching eruptions.

It is recommended to keep the skin moist by applying the Alpha- Keri oil or the Neutrogena oil after the shower. Vaseline is not too greasy and can be applied over the affected areas. Maintaining clean hygienic habits will lessen the disorder and help heal the eczema faster. Take a bath or a shower once a day to keep the skin lubricated. Do not use very hot water for bath as this might dry the skin. Wipe the body with a clean towel instead of rubbing it with the towel. Do not dry the skin completely. Do not use harsh soaps for cleaning the skin as it dries the skin completely thus increasing the chances of eczema.

Keep the use of the soaps minimum while washing the face, armpits, feet and the genital areas. Use mild soaps like dove, cetaphil, and oil of Olay etc instead of using concentrated soaps. Keep away from all the synthetic clothing materials like wool. It is recommended to use soft cotton clothes. Use the perfume free and the dye free detergents for washing and laundering the clothes. Controlling the causes that elevate eczema will definitely help in keeping a control over this disorder.