Eczema Skin

Eczema affected skin is the most common problem for the people having dry and sensitive skin. Atopic dermatitis is the common type of eczema. It develops coin shaped patches on the skin that are often accompanied by swelling and redness. Pricking pain and itching is felt in the areas affected by this disorder. Eczema is the common disorder that can be seen in many people. Adults as well as children are prone to suffer from eczema skin, regardless of the gender and the age. The babies and the infants suffering from the eczema skin can get cured from this disorder with their growing age.

Eczema is not a contagious disease but the perfect cause for it is still not known. Medical allergies can worsen the disorder but are not the reason for the cause of eczema. Eczema cannot be cured totally but there are few preventive measures which you can take thus keeping the disease in control.

Things which irritate the eczema skin and which triggers the condition should be avoided. Avoid using soaps, detergents, cleaners that are harsh and may dry the skin further. Use the soaps only when necessary. Dry the hands completely, if you have eczema on the hands, after washing them. Try using the plastic or the vinyl hand gloves if you are required to put your hands constantly in water. It is recommended to wear the plastic gloves over the cotton gloves to allow the sweat to soak up from the hands while working. Take intervals in between the work to remove the gloves thus avoiding the sweat to be accumulated on the palms. Wearing gloves will also protect the hands from extreme climatic conditions and prevent them from drying.

Synthetic materials like wool etc elevate the disorder. It is recommended that people who have a sensitive skin use cotton fabrics or natural fabrics to avoid any further irritation. Take bath with mild soaps like Dove, Oil of Olay etc that will soothe the skin. Limit the use of the soap or use only to wash the armpits or the parts that have become dirty and sweaty. Use luke warm water instead of hot water. Hot water may dry the skin and cause more irritation.

Avoid taking hot water baths frequently. This will keep the skin lubricated and will maintain the moist texture of the skin. Do not rub the skin with the towel; pat the skin dry with a soft towel to avoid the flaking of the skin. Apply a good quality moisturizer on the skin after taking a bath. Use it frequently throughout the day. Drink lots of water to keep the skin moist.

Different types of medicines are available to cure eczema skin. Using this prescribed ointments or medicines can help control the flaring of the disease. However, it is advised to use these medicines under the proper guidance of a doctor. Different treatments can be continued along with the medicines for faster recovery of eczema skin. Do not scratch or rub the affected areas as this might puncture the infection and make a way for other infections to enter into the body. Simple and conscious steps will definitely help in controlling the rashes and the itches of the eczema skin.