Eczema Skin Symptoms

Eczema skin symptoms are distinguished by itchy, scaly and inflamed red skin. The texture of the skin depends on the intensity of the disorder; if the flare of the eczema is moderate to severe then the skin becomes swollen and raw. Bleeding scaling along with crusting is also seen in some cases. People with dry skin are more prone to suffer from eczema. Extreme dryness can irritate the skin further thus elevating the itching of the skin.

However the scratching the skin may not give long-term relief .On the contrary it might further result into puncturing of the patches thus letting the liquid to ooze out and spread the infection. This might let some other infection enter the body. Anybody can get affected by eczema right from the elder people to the small children. People of all the ages, genders are prone to suffer from this disease. Eczema flares once but the patches that are developed take a long time to disappear.

Atopic eczema is the most common type of eczema. Small children are mostly likely to suffer from this infection. However, this infection and the symptoms disappear with the growing age of the children. Children suffering from eczema are most likely to suffer other disorders and allergies like asthma, hay fever, food allergies or allergy towards dust particles. More over children suffering from eczema are likely to have dry skin throughout their life. Most common areas for the development of the eczema are hands, legs, and face. The primary signs of eczema start developing from the face before any part of the body.

Second most common type of eczema is the varicose eczema. Poor blood circulation in the legs is the key symptom of this eczema. The most prominent areas of this eczema are the ankles that develop a spotted appearance along with soreness and itching sensation.

Inflammation of skin is often accompanied by itching sensation. It is also the main symptom of Atopic dermatitis. It is difficult for a person who is suffering from eczema to stop scratching, as there is continuous scratching and itching sensation in the affected areas Scratching may lead into bleeding, swelling and cracking of the patches with eventual scaling and crusting.

These patches may heal up for some period but there are chances of reoccurrences. The reoccurrence is mainly because the patches did not heal up properly or because of the discontinuation of the medicines. People with dry and sensitive skin are more prone to the outburst of eczema throughout their lives. It is a chronic disease that affects the outer layer of the skin and not a contagious disease. It is often hereditary and is often accompanied by other allergies. The eruptions of this disorder can be controlled by maintaining clean hygienic habits. It is necessary to keep the skin lubricated fore the reoccurrence of this disorder. There is no cure for this disease but various treatments are available which can bring the condition under control. However if any severe problem persists it is recommended to consult a doctor as soon as possible for the exact diagnosis.