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Eczema is a common disorder that can be seen in many people today. It is a kind of skin disease that develops coin sized red irritable patches on the skin. People with sensitive skin and dry skin are more likely to suffer from this disorder. Many people are still confused as to what eczema is or what looks like. The exact cause of this disorder is still not known, but it can certainly aggravate due to medical allergies. These patches often swell and can bleed when scratched, thus allowing some other infection enter the body. There is no cure for this disease but it can be controlled by following few steps and by maintaining daily skin routine.

By avoiding the use of the things that aggravate eczema, it will be easy to control the painful eruptions that irritate the skin. Avoid using soaps, detergents and perfumes on the skin, these are likely to elevate the disorder. Avoid extreme climatic change that might irritate the skin. Take a bath once a day by using mild soaps. Minimize the use of the soaps and use only when needed. Keep the skin lubricated to avoid drying of the skin. Drink lots of water to keep the skin moist. Maintain normal temperatures in the house. Indulge yourself in some kind of activity to keep way the mental tensions, as this is also the cause for the irritation of eczema.

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