Eczema Medication

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Eczema or dermatitis is a group of skin conditions that can affect any age group. If it is in a very mild form then the skin is dry, itchy and if it is more severe then the skin can become broken, raw and can also bleed. There are different types of eczema, Atopic eczema, xerotic eczema, contact eczema and seborrhoeic eczema.

Eczema medication is used depending on the intensity. Primarily eczema lotions are used in treatment of eczema. These lotions are usually used for soothing effect on inflamed skin. They keep skin hydrated. Maintaining adequate moisture relives the pain of dry skin and reduces scaling and inflammation. These eczema lotions effectively maintain adequate moisture level. The cooling effect of eczema lotions offers considerable relief to mental distress. Unlike other creams which are available in the market, Eczema lotions can easily spread evenly over a large surface area. These lotions are popular because of the usage. However, for best results these lotions must be combined with some other type of therapy.

For treatment against eczema glucocorticoid ointments, creams or lotions are used. Weak steroids like hydrocorticone or desonide are used for mils and moderate eczema. In sever cases high potency steroids like clobetasol propionate are prescribed by doctors. These steroids have many side effects so they must be sparingly used. The most common side effect of these steroids is that they can cause skin to thin and become brittle. By immunosuppressive action of steroids, it they are taken without antibiotics or antifungal drug they can cause skin infection. Corticosteroid can cause cataracts. Because of risk and danger of side effects, steroids must be sparingly applied only to control eczema. Corticosteroids are safe to use in short to medium term to control eczema without any significant side effect. In some severe cases oral corticosteroids are also prescribes, these can bring rapid improvement but they should not be taken for long time.

Immunomodulators like pimecrolimus and tacrolimus effectively suppress the immune system in affected area. Immune system can remove some pre cancerous cells which is prevented by these drugs; any chronic condition including eczema by increased metabolism and cell replication has associated risk with cancer.

Antibiotics are often used as medication against eczema. In eczema, skin is dried or cracked so bacteria can easily enter to the body through skin. Any skin infection further irritates the skin and rapids deterioration in skin is seen so antibiotics are must in treatment for eczema.

In treatment of atopic eczema, compound known as Pimecrolimus is used. It is actually an immunomodulator, these drugs actually suppress the immune system in affected are. This way it helps in counteracting eczema attack. After the application of lotion sunlight or UV radiations must be avoided. This can be done by staying indoors or going out with loose and protective clothing, which covers all parts of your body.

With proper precaution and perfect Eczema medication, it is possible to cure faster.