Eczema Lotions

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Eczema is a type of dermatitis, or an inflammation of the upper layer of skin. In general, Eczema describes swollen, reddened and itchy skin. There are different types of eczema, atopic eczema; contact dermatitis, xerotic eczema and seborrhoeic dermatitis. Seborrhoeic Eczema is more commonly found. Eczema is triggered due to dust mites, animal saliva, stress, soaps, detergents, disinfectants and many more. For treating this eczema an in depth analysis is needed.

Primarily typical eczema lotion is used in treatment. There are many lotions suitable for eczema sufferers; some include well known brands like Nivea or Dove, others are medicated and can be quite expensive while even more are cheap, convenient emollients that are traditionally used to treat skin conditions such as diaper rash and cradle cap in babies. Eczema lotions that are mild enough for a child’s skin can work wonders for adult eczema sufferers. The fewer ingredients and the milder the concoction the better; perfumes, harsh chemicals and certain herbal ingredients are well known to irritate already sensitive skin. The eczema lotion acts in many ways. The infected site is often irritated and inflamed and so applying the eczema lotion gives a very soothing effect on inflamed skin and it keeps skin hydrated. Maintaining adequate moisture will definitely relieve the pain of dry skin and reduce scaling and inflammation. Eczema lotion helps in maintaining adequate moisture level.

The cooling effect of eczema lotions offers considerable relief to mental distress. Unlike other creams, Eczema lotions are easy to spread evenly over a large surface area. Many eczema lotions contain active ingredients which aid in healing the damaged skin and which act against pathogens, and can cause irritation and eruptions.

Many eczema lotions available in market have immediate remedial effect. This means that after their application you can immediately feel the soothing effect. When anyone is in acute pain it may not be possible to spend time getting information on the various types of lotion, so it is advisable to follow the doctor's prescription or can go with advice of pharmacist. Many times eczema is accompanied by small breaks in the skin, so you can feel the relief even before you finish applying lotion.

Calamine lotion is also proven effective in treatment of eczema. Primary ingredients of calamine lotions are zinc oxide and ferrous oxide. Zinc oxide has some properties that make it useful for certain skin diseases, including eczema. This zinc powder is a strong antiseptic and it absorbs moisture that makes it good for eczema with weeping sores. Calamine lotion is water insoluble; it keeps the skin dry when alkaline liquids encounter the affected area. However, this lotion is effective but high dosage of ferrous oxide and zinc compounds can be harmful to the skin or when inhaled. Therefore, it is advisable to use calamine lotion for a limited period.

Most of ingredients of eczema lotions will dry away or break down after application. Combating stress along with eczema lotions will help you more in the treatment, because stress levels can lead to new eruptions and itching. In skin, new cells are formed all the time and old cells are cast off, so the skin layer on which you had applied lotion does not remain on the place for long time.

Eczema lotions are effective and popular because of their ease of application but degree and duration of the effect will depend only on specific ingredients and every individual skin. Many a time combination therapy is used to treat eczema and lotion is used only to give a temporary cooling effect. A good quality eczema lotion is effective on only outer layer of skin, to form a protective layer, which keeps chemicals out and keeps moisture in allowing faster healing. Most lotions are too harsh for those suffering from eczema and should be avoided at all costs as they can lead to severe itching and eventually sores. Finding out which lotions have triggered and worsened a skin condition such as eczema can involve the complete cessation of use of all lotions. Introducing a lotion back into a routine every week can limit the damage the help the sufferer decide exactly what is causing the problem.