Eczema Home Remedy

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The first thing to do if you are suffering from eczema is you should always keep your skin moisturized. If you stay vigilant about keeping your skin moist, this can go a long way as a natural eczema treatment that can keep your skin itch and flare-up free. Moisturize your skin thoroughly in the morning and again before you go to bed at night.

Skin is a vital and the largest part of our body. So, anything affecting the skin or causing harm to it, should not be neglected. There are different types of eczema occurring in all people right from infants to older people. So, it is necessary to treat them. Treatment of eczema by home remedies is found to be very effective. Below given are some of the eczema home remedies for curing it. You can try out several types of eczema home remedies to get instant relief from its symptoms.

* Take a nutmeg and rub it on a smooth stone along with some drops of water. Maje a smooth paste out of this mixture and apply this paste on the affected area for sometime. Then rinse it well with water.

* Apply Vitamin E on the infected area as will provide you relief from the itching. Vitamin E is said to be a natural miracle for the treatment of Eczema as it will rid you of the different microbes causing the itching and the irritation. But, remember that you never utilize synthetic Vitamin E on your body as your body is unable to use it. The synthetic Vitamin E contains "dl" instead of "d" in front of its label- dl-alpha tocopherol.

* Wash your skin by the given solution and take white oak bark one teaspoonful, comfrey root one teaspoonful, slippery elm bark 1 teaspoonful and water two cups. Mix all the ingredients thoroughly and then boil them for about half an hour. Then you can use this solution for washing your affected area.

* Bring some extract or a lotion of the blueberry leaf. Blueberry leaves contain a natural form of acid in them that helps in decreasing your swells and the inflammation in the affected areas. Applying it regularly can help you face eczema for a long time.

* Use moisturizers or emollients to moisten your skin for decreasing then itching. It is said to moisturize your skin as often as you can and whenever you can. It is also advisable to use emollient which is just like a moisturizer but it has fat in it that helps in sealing the moisture in your skin. Therefore, it is beneficial to use it after bathing or showering to lock the moisture in your body itself.

* Make a mixture by mixing a teaspoon of camphor and a teaspoon of sandalwood paste. Apply this paste on the infected areas.

* Zinc is also found to be effective in treating eczema. It can either be taken orally or applied directly on the skin.

* Wash the affected area with pine tar soap.

* Drinking tomato juice regularly also helps in curing the symptoms.

Diet for Eczema- your diet will never be a cause of eczema. The food that you consume will only cause allergies in you but not at all eczema. Eczema is basically caused by the genes present in the person. If you have allergy or are sensitive to some foods, then it is better to avoid that food. Or else, these foods may trigger eczema in you. Some foods that are likely to trigger eczema in you are dairy products, preservatives, eggs, citrus fruits and nuts.

If you want a natural treatment for eczema to soothe your itchy skin, just mix a teaspoon of slippery elm bark, on teaspoon of comfrey root, and one teaspoon of white bark in two cups of water. Boil this mixture for about thirty five minutes and let it cool off. This may not entirely alleviate the itch, but if you use the mix as a wash for the affected skin, it can drastically decrease your itch.