Descoid Eczema

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Eczema is a daily irritant for many people around the world. Up to one fifth of children who are of school age suffer from this skin condition in varying degrees of severity. Although, no exact cause of descoid eczema has been found yet. Eczema can be of dry or wet type. It is not infectious and is neither hereditary; it is also not caused by any kind of allergy. Discoid eczema can affect all age groups but many times middle age or it affects older men. In younger people, discoid eczema runs along with Atopic eczema while in adults it is associated stress, irritation. In kids sometimes, bacteria cause it. The bacteria related and other causes are given bellow:

* Ostensible skin injury like insect bite or burn may start it off.

* In some kids it shows a sign of manifestation of atopic dermatitis.

* Autoczematisation or id reaction may cause discoid eczema.

* When it runs along leg veins it is termed as discoid eczema.

* During winter season dry skin causes non itchy round patches.

Discoid eczema appears as patches on body specifically on lower leg. They may appear one or two at a time or may be randomly. The shape of the patches is irregular it may be oval, round, disc or coin shape. They may be several centimeters or may be as small as 2 millimeters.

The patch color may be pink, red, brown and definable. There surface is like cracked and bumpy. It forces you to itch or scarcely noticeable. Most of the time these patches clear up without leaving any sign behind. But if the skin is dark then marks may stick on skin for a long time.

Discoid eczema tends to be more difficult to get rid of than atopic eczema. Treatment can be more effective with use of steroids and antibiotics. There are few safety measures; you should take into account when you are suffering from discoid eczema:

* Protect your skin from injury: discoid eczema is often starts from small injuries, so whenever you suffer such injury be careful and cover up the injured part. Stay away from detergents, solvents and other chemicals that may cause irritation of the skin.

* Emollients: An emollient consists of bath oils, soap substitute and moisturizing creams. You can use them frequently to keep your skin little oily with moisture. Try different product and finally decide which one suits you, use it regularly there are few name that can be suggested they are as glycerin, cetomacrogol, and aqueous cream, white soft paraffin and wool fat lotions.

* Topical steroids: these are anti inflammatory creams or ointments can be accessible on prescription. This can be applied on patches two times a day for 15 days.

* Oral or topical antibiotics: antibiotics is needed if the dermatitis is howling, sticky or coated.

* Oral antihistamines: they decrease itching specifically suggested to apply at night time.

* Phototherapy: phototherapy includes ultra violate light treatment necessary for several times a week, it is better for sever cases.

* Systematic steroids: systematic steroids can be taken by mouth or injections, this kind of treatment are applied for sever conditions. Most medical experts agree that there is currently no treatment for eczema, although it can be managed quite successfully on a day to day basis once the sufferer puts several steps into practice.